The GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) is the pedigree cat registry under which the Club operates and of which it is a member.

The YES (Young Exhibitors’ Scheme) is an educational programme of the GCCF that is designed to encourage youth participation in the Cat Fancy.


The Royal Canin company supports our annual cat show and has created diets for cats & dogs, providing precise nutritional solutions to a pet’s needs.

The R & L Pet Products company supports our annual cat show and has created a a selection of exciting and innovative products for pets and owners.

The International Cat Care (formerly Feline Advisory Bureau) is a charity dedicated to promoting the health and welfare of cats via improved knowledge and awareness of their needs.

The Novice Breeders Advice Cat Club is an independent cat club whose sole purpose is to help novice breeders. They are open to all breeders as they need experienced and novice breeders alike, so that the less experienced breeders can be put in touch with more experienced breeders in their area. They have a web site and a yahoo group.

The website CatPlanet is for all breeds of cat and helps cat breeders, show managers, cat clubs and other parties publicise their activities. There are directories of kittens for sale, cat breeders, stud cats and shows, plus a show diary, news section and some other useful sections.

The website is run by volunteers to assist owners of lost cats in finding them. They maintain a register of lost and found cats with details and photographs online along with other resources to help people distressed at the loss of their cats or who have found a lost cat.

The artist Suzanne Le Good regularly has a stall at our annual cat show and designs and sells products with feline themes. These include things like, greetings cards, jewellery, handbags and small items of furniture.

The Southern British Shorthair Cat Club is one of the largest breed clubs representing the British Shorthair within the UK and was formed in 1992 to represent breeders and enthusiasts throughout the South of the UK. They are members of the GCCF and have a membership of approximately 400.

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