The breeders listed below are all members of the Club and will be delighted to talk to you about their cats and the availability of kittens. If you are a member and wish to be included in the list of breeders, please contact our Hon. Secretary.

Thor’s Oak Ocicats
An oak tree
Breeders of Ocicat Classics and Ocicats. Kittens available to loving homes.
Please contact: Monika (Tel: 01708 853445 or 07910 161356)

The Posh Persians banner
Himalayan Colour Point Persian Breeder, Show quality: Posh Persians.
A Persian cat
We are a small Cattery based in West London, aiming to breed blue eyed Himalayan ColourPoint Persians from fine, healthy blood lines, Show/breeding quality. PKD negative, FLV & FIV negative.
Please contact:
Tel: 020 884 882 88 or 07092 882 352
Twitter: @poshpersians

Blancanieves Sphynx
A Sphynx cat
Breeders of high quality Sphynx in various colours. See our website for more information, or email us.
Please contact: Nathalie Lewis (Web:

Phelazi (Silver & Smoke Egyptian Mau)
An Egyptian Mau kitten
Two breed houses: Honpuss – (Burmese and Asians) and Robert & Georgina Anderson-Keeble (Egyptian Maus), one joint venture. Breeding Maus for health, temperament and type.
Please contact: Georgina or Robert Anderson-Keeble (Tel: 07912 787668)
or Sandra Woodley (Tel: 01189 733348)

Quincunx LaPerms
An litter of LaPerm kittens
Breeding cuddly LaPerm kittens with soft, curly, low-maintenance, low-shedding coats. Various colours.
Please contact: Anthony Nichols (Tel: 020 7252 4258)

Tianadara Birmans
A litter of Birman kittens
Breeders of high quality Birman Kittens in various colours. See our website for more information.
Please contact: Nicola Gurney-Coombs (Tel: 01608 810 852)

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